Expensive News – Waterproof case for your valuables

Expensive News –
Waterproof case for your valuables

From a selection of the latest kit in Yachting Monthly’s New Gear pages

Lifeventure’s cases are waterproof to IPX7 and cost from just just £14

Life aboard a yacht is never easy for phones and tablets. The sea, and certain death, is only ever a few metres away. These gadgets aren’t cheap, and could get you out of a fix if the electrics on board go down, so why not take better care of them? Tailor-made cases can be quite expensive and if you’re an infrequent sailor there seems little reason to invest, but these Hydroseal waterproof cases from Lifeventure start from just £14. Each lightweight case is made from TPU-laminated 420D nylon fabric, heat-treated to make it waterproof (rated IPX7), while still remaining tough and flexible. It’s possible to use your device while it’s in the case, and holes for a neck lanyard can orientate the device in horizontal or portrait format. They are available for smartphones and up to 329mm x 338mm for maps and are endorsed by Ordnance Survey. Perfect for up-river exploration in the dinghy.

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