Expensive News – Rimac Electric Super Car Can Throttle 0-60 in 2.8 Seconds (VIDEO)

Expensive News –

Rimac Electric Super Car Can Throttle 0-60 in 2.8 Seconds (VIDEO)

Instead of refined, high octane petroleum responding from opening the throttle, the Rimac Concept_One boasts a system of all wheel torque vectoring (AWTV), allowing for 2×2 incredibly powerful electric motors (2 front, 2 rear) to send power to all four wheels of this impressive super car. You may already be familiar with the first-born of Rimac, the brainchild of 24 year old, Mate Rimac. Now, what was merely a concept, is ready for public release.

The car is a beauty. It just looks like something that only the elite of the elite would enjoy from the inside. Considering the pricetag of $980,000, you can rest assured that you won’t be seeing a lot of them stateside. However, there are those celebs, namely Jay Leno, who would quickly throw down the asking price to add the first of the Rimac line to their garage.

What’s cool about the car? Yes. It’s fully electric. Yes, it can do 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Yes, it tops out at 217 mph. Yes, it boasts 1088 hp. And beyond all of that, it has a 600 km, or 370 mile battery range. Impressed? I know I am.

So. You’ve never heard of Rimac, have you? What is it? German? Italian? “Rimac.” Kind of sounds…Croatian. You got it. Sure, it’s Euro…too close to Italy, Austria and Germany to deny the delicious influence, but this auto was born as the result of Mate Rimac effectively killing his BMW circuit racer. After blowing the engine, he decided EVs were the way to go. When asked about the development of the new super car, Rimac responded:

…this is not a mission to convert petrol heads to EVs. We believe that electric motors are simply better machines compared to internal combustion engines. We are not building electric cars ‘to save the planet’ with low CO2 emissions — we are aware of the fact that 10-15 cars a year (which is our annual target production) won’t make any difference in terms of emissions. Our target is to raise the bar for sports/supercars in terms of driving dynamics with our All Wheel Torque Vectoring System. I think that the people will look at electric cars from a different angle when they see our car performing.