Expensive News – Ferrari Combines Modern Styling with Typical Technological Cue to Harvest Future Super Cars

Expensive News –

Ferrari Combines Modern Styling with Typical Technological Cue to Harvest Future Super Cars

Ferrari one of world’s greatest super manufacturer displayed a total of five cars which represents their next-gen models at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Till 14th October 2012 all five cars will be in the stands for the viewers to witness Ferrari’s idea of super-cars of future.

The Ferrari booth in the Paris Motor Show also reviled to the public the new chassis of the latest Ferrari Enzo. All the models displayed in the show represented the eight and twelve cylinder models of the Ferrari franchise.
The Ferrari FF, The Ferrari 458 Italia, The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the Ferrari 458 Spider created a serious distraction in the spectators. People were clambered to see what the Prancing Horse can accord.

Ferrari provided the chassis of all the five cars with their latest F1 composite technology. The chassis were made of T800carbon which is mixed with T800 UD to create a lighter but harder carbon fiber mainly to build the formula one car. The weight of the new chassis is kept to a minimum as possible.

A carbon-fiber M46J is used to make the cross members and under bodies. The doors are made of tougher carbon-fiber T1000 and the under tray is constructed with T1000 which is mixed with Kevlar to absorb the shock and prevent damage caused by the road debris. The new chassis is 20 percent light, 27 percent rigid and 22 percent stiffer than the Enzo.

Among the cars displayed in the motor show the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the highest performer and most powerful of them all. It is assembled with a high-performance V12 engine which is capable to achieve 740hp, making the F12 Berlinetta a very high performance vehicle.

The car’s architecture is based on transaxle model featuring components and control systems are likely to be state-of-art. The aerodynamics is honed to a classic Ferrari look. The looks of the car is the identity of its class and performance. The interior is made of aluminum and carbon fiber and the seats are of Frau Leather. The luggage space is increased.
Then comes the Ferrari FF, the four-seated four wheel drive sports car which is Ferrari’s first four-wheel drive car originally launched in 2011 is a shooting-brake model. The new FF displayed in the 2012 Paris Show has been given some changes and modification.

The most important of that is the panoramic roof. It is made of special kind of reflective glass which gives the feeling of driving in open air situation but with thermal insulation at the same time. The 458 Italia and Spider are both fitted with Ferrari’s legendary award winning V8 engine.

Both the cars give the driver a sporty experience. Ferrari continuously tries to evolve their 8 and 12 cylinder engines to increase performance and torque at the same time decreasing the fuel consumption to make it more fuel efficient.

The main purpose of Ferrari was to keep the DNA of the cars identical to their successor in performance, pleasure in driving and technologies combining it with new and advanced modeling and design.