Expensive News – City firm to make Lyonheart supercar

Expensive News –

City firm to make Lyonheart supercar

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A CITY firm has been chosen to build a stunning new supercar.

Twenty new jobs have been created at Envisage Manufacturing in response to high demand for the Lyonheart K which is based on the Jaguar E-Type.

Just 50 cars had been planned but after a positive reception at their February unveiling, 250 will now be built at the Seven Stars Industrial Estate.

It comes as good news after we reported last week how the city’s car industry had taken a triple hit with black cab maker London Taxi International going into administration, the plan to build the revamped 60’s Jensen sports car being scrapped and electric car battery supplier going out of business.

Managing director Paul Sullivan told the Observer it was an exciting time for the company.

“Initially it was going to be a ‘nice-to-do’ type programme,” he said.

“But the reaction was so positive the customer decided there was now going to be a much higher volume.

“We’re very excited and the real positive for Coventry, and for us, is the job creation side.

“We build supercars on a regular basis here but this is a particularly high volume and is exciting even for us.”

The car is set to reach 60mph in under four seconds and top 186mph. Its name pays tribute to the iconic firm’s founder, Sir William Lyons.

Robert Palm, founder of Classic Factory – the Swiss firm which designed the Lyonheart – added: “Every part of the Lyonheart K is developed, engineered and hand-built in England.

“The build quality will match and even surpass the best you can find on the luxury car market.”

Around 70 per cent of production will be sold in Europe, with the rest going to China and the Middle East.

It will be available in both coupé and convertible versions and is set to cost around £300,000.


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