Expensive News – A 361-foot Hybrid Superyacht?

Expensive News – A 361-foot Hybrid Superyacht?

Sail and motor power join forces on Synergy Yacht ‘Atlas’, a new Superyacht concept.

Synergy Yacht Atlas is a superyacht concept from H2 Yacht Design and Laurent Giles Superyacht Architects. Her designer reports that she can function as a sailing yacht, a motoryacht, or a combination of both. This Superyacht is approximately 361 feet length overall; she has five decks topped off with an arrangement of sails. When running on motor and sails in concert, Synergy Yacht Atlas can reportedly cruise at 14 knots. Also due to her motor-sail combination, her designer reports a possible fuel-cost reduction and maximum-range extension of 40 to 60 percent. The vessel’s diesel-electric power plant supplies Atlas’ power, intentionally designed for adaptability with sail power. Sans-sail-power assistance, however, the diesel-electric unit can reportedly propel to a top-end speed of 18 knots. According to her designer, Atlas demonstrates “the potential in merging Superyacht volume with the graceful elegance of a sailing yacht.”



















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